Extra Stars

Author: Пламен Лефтеров

Updated: 16 April 2024

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Developer EGT
Release Date 2014
Slot Type Fruit Slots, Classic Slots
Layout 5x3
Win Lines 10
RTP 95.78%
Specials Wild
Our Rating 9.8


150% Welcome Bonus Up To €150

150% Welcome Bonus Up To €150

  • €10 Minimum Deposit
  • Meet Wagering Requirements
  • Deposit Funds in Your Player Account

Embark on a dazzling adventure with the Extra Stars slot, where the cosmos of classic slot entertainment meets the glow of contemporary gaming. Developed by EGT, this game transports you to a universe where each spin could align the stars in your favor. Featuring a constellation of familiar fruit symbols, Extra Stars takes these classics and adds a celestial sparkle, turning every play into a spectacle of luminous fortunes. The excitement is amplified by the slot’s unique feature – the expanding wild star that promises to fill your gameplay with brilliant winning possibilities. This is not just a game; it’s an exploration of space where traditional slot elements are redefined with a modern twist, offering an experience that is both timeless and invigorating.

Extra Stars Slot Theme

The Extra Stars slot invites players into a sparkling galaxy where classic fruit symbols gleam with a new light, offering a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern gaming dynamics. Crafted by EGT, this game stands out with its engaging theme that combines the simplicity of old-school slots with innovative features, creating a captivating space-themed experience. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.78%, Extra Stars promises a fair playing field that leans towards generous outcomes, ensuring a rewarding free slots experience for all types of players.

Featuring 5 reels and 10 paylines, Extra Stars is accessible to a wide audience, catering to both newcomers and experienced gamblers. The game’s intuitive interface serves as your gateway to the stars, making it easy to navigate through the cosmos of bet settings and bonus features. With its medium volatility, the game strikes a harmonious balance between frequent wins and the excitement of chasing substantial rewards. The standout feature of Extra Stars is the expanding wild star symbol, which not only adds a layer of thrill to each spin but also significantly increases your chances of winning big.

Extra Stars by EGT is designed with precision to deliver a stellar and engaging gaming experience where the elements of strategy and fortune beautifully merge. The paytable serves as a cosmic guide, detailing the value and importance of each lustrous fruit symbol against the backdrop of the infinite universe. This crucial information propels players through the thrilling adventure of the reels, where every spin holds the potential to unlock the mysteries of space.

The game’s vibrant cosmic theme and captivating mechanics draw players into a journey that’s not just about the pursuit of wins but is an exploration of excitement and visual delight. EGT’s renowned Gamble feature elevates this experience, introducing an element of suspense that mirrors the exhilaration of discovering new galaxies. Triggered after each winning combination, this feature presents an opportunity to double your winnings, transforming each success into an even greater achievement.

Extra Stars Slot Symbols

In the Extra Stars slot, symbols shimmer like celestial bodies, each harboring the potential for astronomical wins. These symbols transcend mere visuals; they are beacons of luck and strategy, each with its own luminous story to tell. Moreover, the opportunity for enhanced gameplay through special promotions or bonuses may arise, depending on the casino platform you’re playing on. Here’s a glimpse into the stellar rewards these cosmic symbols can unfold on your interstellar journey:

Each symbol in Extra Stars is crafted to reflect the cosmic theme, blending the nostalgic charm of fruit machines with the enchantment of a starry night. The vivid colors and sparkling animations enhance the excitement, making every spin a visually captivating experience. The mix of high and low-value symbols ensures a dynamic gameplay experience, catering to adventurers seeking grand wins and those who enjoy a steady voyage through the stars. This fusion of classic symbols with the allure of celestial exploration makes Extra Stars a shining gem in the galaxy of slot games.

Extra Stars Slot Special Features

The Extra Stars slot universe is illuminated by special features that inject an added thrill into the gaming experience. These features go beyond mere bonuses; they serve as portals to exciting challenges and rewards for intrepid players.

Extra Stars’ special features transform each spin into a celestial journey, where risks come with the promise of substantial rewards. As you navigate through this star-studded slot landscape, the fusion of traditional slot elements with these electrifying features ensures a gameplay experience brimming with potential and exhilaration.

How to Play Extra Stars Slot for Free

We really like that Extra Stars Demo has video slots. These free versions let you play the game without any risk. The Extra Stars test slot game was great. It was easy and fun to play. How to do this:

Get Started

Clicking “Play for Free” is all it takes to begin. It loads very fast.

Set Your Bet

Change the size of your bet to fit your budget. You choose how much you want to bet on each payline, and then multiply that amount by the set number of paylines to get your total bet for the game.

Spin the Reels

To begin, press the “Spin” button. Spin the reels, and when they stop, the paytable will show you if you have any winning sequences.

Check for Special Features

If you win, you can use the Gamble feature to possibly double your money. Also, keep an eye out for the Jackpot Cards feature, which can be launched at random and gives you a chance to win one of the progressive prizes.

Beginning our journey with the Extra Stars test slot felt like embarking on an enthralling expedition. With just a few simple steps, we were primed for an exhilarating adventure. As we progressed, adjusting our bets and spinning the reels became moments filled with anticipation and excitement. Engaging the autoplay feature allowed our voyage through the cosmos to continue seamlessly, ensuring that our exploration of this starry universe was both thrilling and effortless.

How to Play Extra Stars Slot with Real Money

Playing Extra Stars slot with real money opens up a universe of excitement and potential rewards, particularly for players who are drawn to the timeless allure of fruit-themed slots infused with contemporary gameplay enhancements. To launch into this luminous and engaging slot game with genuine stakes, it’s crucial to navigate the process with a blend of eagerness and strategic foresight. Here are three fundamental steps to embark on this stellar journey:

Choose the Online Casino

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable online casino that has Extra Stars. Check out sites that have good reviews, licenses that are still valid, and safe ways to pay. Discover a reliable choice by reading our Ice Casino Review. Make an account, and if asked, make sure it’s confirmed.

Deposit Funds

When you’re done setting up your account, put money into it. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank payments are just a few of the ways that most casinos let you enter money. You can pick the one that works best for you. Make sure you check to see if the casino gives out free spins or prizes when you first meet them.

Set Your Bet and Start Playing

Find Extra Stars in the casino’s list of games and start it up. Set the amount of money you want to bet on each spin, and remember to gamble responsibly. Click the “Spin” button to start playing after setting your bet. The paytable and paylines of the slot machine decide how much you can win.

Always prioritize responsible gaming. Begin by establishing a budget for your gaming session and strictly stick to it. This budget should represent an amount you’re comfortable with losing, ensuring it doesn’t lead to any financial distress. It’s critical to regard this budget as a limit for your entertainment expenses, rather than as a means to generate potential earnings.

Our Final Verdict

Extra Stars is undoubtedly a slot adventure that merits exploration. It shines as an EGT masterpiece, redefined and enriched with engaging features and a dazzling, celestial theme. Our voyage through the Extra Stars slot was truly captivating, unveiling a universe where classic fruit slots sparkle with allure and excitement.

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